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best six second exchange i have ever seen in my life

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You know what Pharell and Raven Symone won’t ever distance themselves from? Their economic status. I bet they’ll let you call them wealthy in a heart beat. They’ll beam with pride when you ask them about their past accomplishments in film, music, etc. Call me rich, call me successful, but please, don’t call me black.

Wow. So true.

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Karen Glaser - Dark Sharks

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When I see that one of my lesbian followers is following another one of my lesbian followers all I can think about is


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there are people who are praising ahs for being ~inclusive~ b/c they hired a trans woman to play the role of a trans woman in a series titled “freak show” when (a) they were only looking for a man to play this role and (b) she had to audition as a dude to get it.  they only got a trans woman to play the role of a trans woman by accident and against their best efforts, you can stop lauding them as progressive for calling us freaks now.

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things i will miss when i ascend from retail hell

  • the camaraderie of retail, like seriously you meet such a plethora of different people and even if you don’t like each other you still respect each other because you’re all in the same shitty boat
  • wearing whatever i want to work and being allowed to have as many bodymods as i please (even thought i don’t have any, having the option was nice)
  • my discount at food places at the mall
  • my 50% discount at my store

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